Facebook might drop big bucks on an international athlete to bolster its video streaming wing. There are ongoing talks between the Menlo Park-based company and Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo to create a reality TV show centered around his life.

The Portuguese footballer would earn about $10 million for his participation in the series, which would have a 13-episode order locked in place. The Portuguese footballer is already earning a fortune from Real Madrid and is up for a new contract soon. He’s currently paid $35 million every year on the pitch, and Ronaldo earns even more in endorsements due to his global recognition.

shutterstock - Cristiano Ronaldo at La Liga match - Bertrand

With CAA actively shopping the series, Ronaldo merely has to show up and let cameras into his life. It has Matador Content, Dirty Robber, and Religion of Sports signed on to produce. The latter is comprised of multiple athletes.

So far, the timing of an announcement remains unknown. The footballer is returning from the 2018 FIFA World Cup after Portugal lost to Uruguay in the opening round of the knockout stage.

Assuming the deal goes official, it would be available exclusively on Facebook Watch. The service offers sports-related programming surrounding the NFL’s Tom Brady as well as LaVar Ball and his family. The latter’s show, “Ball in the Family,” is in its third season and has more than 1.5 million followers to push notifications at.

The addition of Ronaldo would certainly be massive for Facebook and its service. Others have been successful in select regions with their programming, but Ronaldo gives Facebook Watch appeal in various countries worldwide.