Facebook Office Sign

It's been a while since Facebook rolled out a major redesign for its homepage. Instead, the social network generally focuses on smaller tweaks and updates, but that could change thanks to the company's latest acqui-hire: design firm Teehan+Lax.

That name may not be as familiar as some recent Facebook acquisitions like Oculus and Whatsapp, but it's had a pretty big impact on the Internet already. The team was tapped to design Medium, a popular blogging platform with a beautiful minimalist look, along with save-it-for-later app Readability. Now, the company's partners Jon Lax, Geoff Teehan and David Gillis are headed to Facebook, along with a few other employees.

It's unclear exactly what the Teehan+Lax will be doing at Facebook, but it's easy to imagine the team redesigning the News Feed or working to improve the company's growing arsenal of mobile apps. In a long post announcing the news, the partners explains that it will allow them to work on a bigger scale then ever before without having to personally deal with the paperwork and bureaucracy that comes with achieving that kind of growth. Hopefully we'll see the first signs of their influence at Facebook start to pop up soon.