It’s no secret Facebook has a keen interest in budding new technologies like VR and 360-degree video streaming. This is the reason it bought Oculus a few years ago. But now it’s pivoting towards 360-degree live streaming with a partnership with Giroptic, a company that specializes in 360 imaging technology.

Today, at the F8 Developer Conference, Facebook CTO Mike Schroepfer announced that all attendees will be receiving a Giroptic iO 360-degree camera. The Giroptic iO camra enables users to live stream directly to Facebook Live in 360-degree video.

Pushing for 360-degree video on its platform, Facebook’s partnership with Giroptic establishes that it will continue to push the medium. This is particularly important given how the push towards VR is slowly coming along, and having 360 content already available to consume will be vital towards the wide-scale adoption of VR.

Last year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg gave away the Samsung Gear headset, but surprisingly this year Facebook opted to give away the Giroptic iO instead of the Gear 360 camera. It’s a major win for Giroptic given it’s a much smaller company than Samsung.

Giroptic was founded in 2008 with a focus on creating 360-degree cameras. The Giroptic iO is its latest camera. It launched in January retailing for $249 and was only available for iPhone, but today at the F8 event was the first time Giroptic unveiled version for Android in both Micro-USB and USB-C variants.

The list of phones that are supported includes all iPhones dating back to the 5s, Pixel, Nexus 5X and 6P, Huawei Mate 9, LG G4, Galaxy S7 Edge and Moto Z Play.

The Giroptic iO is a full-featured 360-degree camera

The Giroptic iO is a sweet little camera. It can take videos, photos or live streams and utilizes a real-time image fusing technology to stitch together 360-degree images for either video or pictures. The camera’s 360 by 360 native resolution takes video in 30 frames per second and features an f/1.8 aperture with 2 x 195-degree optics. All of this comes inside of a sleek aluminum casing with playful aqua blue accent color that give it some pop. It attaches to your phone via either the Lightning, USB-C or Micro-USB ports.

To utilize the camera, all you have to do is download the iO 360 app and it lets you take full control of the camera.

If you want to order a Giroptic iO, you can do so on Giroptic’s website for iPhone and Android. You can see a video of the Giroptic iO in action down below.