Facebook Office Sign

Over the past few years Facebook has watched its users become more and more comfortable sharing their personal health information on the social network. Now the company is considering a significant push into the healthcare market, Reuters reports, citing three anonymous insiders.

Facebook's healthcare plans are still in early development, but the company is apparently moving forward with two main concepts. One group within the social network is apparently developing a new "preventative care" app (or apps) to help people stay healthy. Meanwhile, another team is focused on creating better Facebook groups where people suffering from the same issues can connect and share their experiences.

According to Reuters, Facebook has always been interested in healthcare, but ended up focusing on its core products instead in recent years. However, we've seen the social network push into the health arena in a few significant ways already. Most notable might be the company's organ-donor status initiative, which let you list yourself as a donor on the site. The feature apparently translated into a huge boost in organ donor registrations.

With Apple and Google eyeing healthcare as well it makes sense that Facebook would want to get in on the action, though it's unclear what exactly the company has to contribute. Facebook might know more about you than any other tech giant, but that doesn't necessarily mean everyone will trust it with personal health details.