Facebook is allegedly preparing a new messaging feature in addition to Chat Heads and VoIP calling. According to iMore, the company’s Messenger app on iOS will get something called Facebook Blast, which handles group messages a little differently than we’re used to.

Through Messenger right now, users can start group conversations and get input from everyone in the group. It’s easy and fosters discussion through the social network, whether you’re talking about an upcoming vacation or party. But what if you want to ask your friends something without everyone being able to read all the replies?

With Blast, you’ll be able to send the same message to multiple recipients, which will then start separate conversations. It’s an alternative to group messages, where everyone can see everything. There will apparently be a split bar that gives users the option to choose between “Group Chat” or “Blast,” so users fond of the current group chatting format can still use it.

It’s not a headlining feature in the way Chat Heads might be, but Blast will introduce more levels of control for users. It’s unclear when this feature will be released, but chances are we’ll see something relatively soon.