Microsoft on Tuesday announced a new beta of the Facebook application for Windows Phone that it promises has a major redesign. As with all betas, the product is not final and will likely have several bugs, and Microsoft wants to know about them. So what’s new?

Microsoft said that the beta includes support for sharing high-resolution photos, the ability to share posts with your friends and a tweaked Facebook Timeline. Since it’s still a beta, Microsoft is also calling for early testers to continue providing feedback on features that they want to see. While it’s not available in the store just yet, you can still post a review to provide that feedback to Microsoft, or you can send a note directly to Microsoft by visiting Settings > About inside the app itself.

Microsoft didn’t say when the software will be available to all users through its Store — you’ll need to download the beta from a link in the source below — but we suspect it won’t be much longer.

In other news, we also know that there’s discussions with Microsoft to bring a version of Facebook Home to Windows Phone, so hopefully we hear more on that topic in the near future.