android facebook app

Earlier this week we saw a massive overhaul of Instagram on Android, and now Facebook is updating its own app for the OS as well, again with an emphasis on photos. The update brings the app in line with Facebook on iOS and desktop computers, adding several new features including the ability to post photos in comments, edit albums and untag yourself on the go.

The ability to respond to someone else's post with a photo was first introduced last June for Facebook on the desktop before making its way over to iOS in October. It's a fun way to brighten up an online conversation. You'll also have a lot more control over your photos, including the ability to edit or delete photo albums and the option to upload a whole batch of pictures at once to quickly create a new album. You can also untag yourself from a picture on Android, meaning you can get rid of any incriminating evidence as quickly as possible.

Facebook doesn't mention any design changes to its Android app in the official changelog, but according to Android Police some people are seeing a flattened version of the UI post-update on their phones. The social network is expected to roll out a flat design on mobile in the near future, though for now it's apparently still testing the new look on a smaller subset of users.