Microsoft recently finished up the polishing touches on Windows Phone 8 and sent the new operating system off to manufacturers. However, a small feature of the new OS seems to have snuck by a lot of us. As it turns out, Nokia's Lumia 920 video actually showed a feature of Windows Phone 8 that we weren't aware of: Twitter and Facebook notifications on the lock screen.

We already know that Facebook and Twitter are tied tightly into the current generation of Windows Phone – you can quickly see all of your notifications and updates from a "Me" live tile on the home screen. However, the lock screen doesn't yet show any missed Twitter or Facebook messages. We love that we'll be able to see this at a glance and especially like the small, non-intrusive logos.

We hope to have more information on Windows Phone 8 in October/November, when the first devices are expected to begin hitting the market. You can see the new lock screen in the video by moving to 23:38. The video is below.

[via Plaffo, Pocketnow]