Facebook Money

Facebook has been preparing to bombard your NewsFeed with video ads for years, and in the next few weeks we'll finally start seeing these lucrative advertisements become commonplace on the social network. The Wall Street Journal reports that Facebook is carefully screening which brands and companies it offers the privilege of paying roughly $1 million per day to push their products with the new advertising tool.

The new ads will play automatically as you scroll by, part of a design established by Facebook last year that applies to videos shared by your friends and pages you follow as well. If a video grabs your attention you can click on it for sound. If not, just scroll on by. This puts a ton of pressure on ad-makers, who are forced to pay the same amount to Facebook no matter how many people stop to watch their commercials. The ads will have to be creative, too, and will need to meet a Facebook "fAce Score," which basically measures the meaningfulness and potential for engagement.

So what kind of video ads should we expect to see land on Facebook in the next few weeks? The Wall Street Journal said Facebook hasn't identified its first video partners, but did say that there are about 15 firms on hold with ads ready to publish. "About a third are for films or TV shows," the news outlet said. Seems fitting.