Facebook held a small event yesterday where the social network discussed changes to its news feed. The changes ultimately reflect daily users, but they are more targeted toward advertisers who are trying to get content in front of our eyeballs. Two new features were unveiled, one is called "Story Bumping" and another is called "Last Actor," according to Marketing Land.

The Story Bumping feature essentially makes it easier for Facebook to put old stories in front of your nose first. So, if you log into Facebook and decide you have to close it after just reading two or three updates, older updates that you never had a chance to read might pop up first. Currently, Facebook has an option that lets you see the most recent stories or the most popular stories. It hopes that, by showing you older stories, you might be viewing updates from brands that were otherwise skipped previously (or status updates… but we're pretty sure this is about pleasing Facebook's business partners).

Last Actor isn't about movies or television. No, it basically is a fancy term for how Facebook can track your last 50 actions on the site at all times so that it can "rank your feed" and more accurately show you content, Marketing Land explained. Most users probably won't notice a whole lot of change, though I can imagine some will be frustrated if treated with super old updates hidden among newer ones.