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It appears that the Facebook acquisition of Face.com is down to just the nitty gritty, and the lawyers are in the process of hashing it out.

According to multiple sources speaking with TechCrunch, the deal is done except for the minor details, and the price will be $100 million for the facial recognition company.

Apparently the biggest aspect of the deal being sorted right now is what Moscow-based search company Yandex and  Israeli investment fund Rhodium will receive.  Between the two firms, a total of $4.3 million was invested for 18.4 percent of the company.  Yandex CEO Arkady Volozh is reportedly pushing for cash in addition to Facebook stock shares, but no word on how Mark Zuckerberg and crew are reacting to that.

Should the deal be completed, all eyes will inevitably turn to the rumors of Facebook wanting to purchase Opera.  Just what is the social network assembling?  Maybe a Facebook phone?

[via TechCrunch]