Stay with me here for a second, because, as a rule, I’m not at all a fan of free-to-play gaming. When Fable Legends was announced with the microtransaction pricing structure, I was sort of bummed. It took a game I was looking forward to, and it knocked it down by quite a bit.

That is, until I gave Lionhead Studios a chance to make its case. Fable Legends, if everything they’re saying about it is more than PR bluster, could be a genuinely fun and enthralling free-to-play game.

Here’s the deal. They’re promising to make the game completely open. You’ll be able to play the entire Fable Legends campaign from beginning to end “without spending a penny.” Every quest and storyline released will be free.

They’re also promising to make the game fair. All gameplay affecting items can be earned by playing the game for free. They can likely be purchased, too, but they can be earned with nothing more than your free time and play.

Finally, Lionhead is promising to be generous. Here’s that rub directly from the company.

Our goal is to have a happy community of players. We’ll be updating the game with exciting new quests to play through, Heroes to play as, Villain creatures to control, and lots more.

The game will work on a hero rotation system, much like League of Legends and their Summoners. Four heroes will be free-to-play at any given time, and they’ll rotate. Your progress will save with each hero, and you’ll be able to keep playing once they return to the free rotation.

If Lionhead can do this right, this might be a huge boon. It looks as though the company is looking closely at how Riot Games is handling free-to-play. Personally, if I play a game like this long enough, I don’t mind spending $20 on in-game custom stuff. Why not, right? And that’s how it’ll make money.

Fable Legends will launch on the Xbox One and PC this year. It will also offer cross-platform play. Pretty cool stuff.