Just in case there was any question about it, Lionhead Studios has shot down any possibility of it working on Fable 4. Instead, the company is focused solely on making Fable Legends a reality, and is working on it solely for “the foreseeable future.”

The point was made to a fan sheepishly asking about the launch of Fable 4 on Lionhead’s official Twitter page.


For those who haven’t followed, Fable Legends is a huge departure from the three main entries in the series. Lionhead has changed the focus from free-roaming RPG to a multiplayer affair with 4 player co-op through linear levels. Some fans have not exactly been thrilled about the change, which could have spurred the cheeky question in the first place. That and the impending release date.

Fable Legends launches this holiday season for the Xbox One and PC.