F.lux finally launched on Android earlier this month with an initial beta test. The company, which began back in 2009, already offers its sleep-saving service for Mac, PC, Linux and jailbroken iOS devices, but until recently it wasn't available for Google's massively popular mobile operating system.

To try out the beta you'll need a rooted Android phone. Then sign up for a F.lux forum account and request to join the test group. Once you're approved you can install the app using an official list of instructions provided by the company.

F.lux already faces some competition from other Android apps. A few other apps like Twilight also promise to change the color of light emitted by your display from blue to an orange hue at night. However, Twilight simply applies a red filter on top, while F.lux actually removes the blue light from each individual pixel.

The team behind F.lux previously said it wasn't possible to implement its technology on Android, but it sounds like the company may have found a solution. Hopefully it won't be too long before we see an official app hit the Google Play store.