You probably use Twilight if you’re an Android user who cares above your sleep cycle. The popular mobile app already works on phones and tablets, and now it’s expanding to Android Wear and Android TV as well.

The company recently rolled out Twilight version 5.6, which works with Android-powered smartwatches and Google’s Android TV software. The Android Wear version is connected directly to your phone and works automatically. On Android TV, Twilight works on its own and includes some special customization controls.

The update includes auto-pause in apps that need to quickly turn Twilight off, though only for devices running Android 5.0 and up. It also promises faster rebooting time if the app crashes, and a bug fix for light filter times.

If you’ve never used Twilight, it’s pretty simple to get started. The app will automatically add a red filter to your display at night, reducing the blue light that would otherwise trick your brain into thinking it’s still daytime. It’s very similar to F.lux and Apple’s new Night Shift feature, just for Android.

You can grab Twilight for free via the source link below.