iPhone 5 in Hand

All eyes and ears are on Apple's next-generation iPhone and now we have a new analyst's take on the product. Brian White, an analyst with Topeka Capital Markets, said Monday that Apple's next iPhone launch is expected to "dwarf" every launch of each iPhone that came before it and that the new "extraordinary" device will propel Apple's stock price to $1,001 and beyond. In accordance with most pundits, White agrees that the next generation iPhone will support 4G LTE networks (Verizon has already confirmed that it won't launch any new devices that don't support LTE, so that's a pretty obvious claim) and will also feature a "sleek" frame and a 4-inch display. White said that production of the iPhone 5 could start in June and that a formal announcement from Apple may occur in August or September. A report citing a source at Foxconn on Monday said Apple's iPhone will launch in October, too.

[via Barron's]