Mario Maker hasn’t even been out in public hands for a week and my dreams have already come true.

Yeah, sure, you can make nigh impossible levels, technically impressive but ultimately boring self-playing levels. But this is what it’s really all about.

In this uncomfortable creation from user Kris (@themaplebeast), Waluigi is forced to endlessly wander a dark sewer with nothing more than a fly swatter and his own dark thoughts. Disembodied mouths laugh at him while unreachable coins ask questions Waluigi can’t answer. It feels like something out of a weird experimental film.

This is exactly what I was hoping for from Mario Maker. Weird, trippy levels that might be thought provoking, nightmare inducing (though Skinny Mario can do that all on his own), or leave you asking, ‘What did I just play?’

Mario Maker is available on Wii U now, and this is just one of countless reasons to buy it.

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