Earth is boring. The Internet is boring. Ugh. Another cat video? Patent trials are reallllllly boring. This 3D map of the universe, the largest ever created, is just what I needed.

Thanks to the Apache Point Observatory in New Mexico, which uses "drift scanning" to capture images, ordinary cheeseburger eating, jaywalking folks like you and I can travel through 400,000 galaxies. Hope nobody gets motion sickness.

As part of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, the observatory has been snapping images since 2000, "generating data that account for some 7 billion years' worth of cosmic movement," The Atlantic said. What you see in the video above is only two years of data.

The video looks a lot like plankton floating in the Pacific Ocean. Then you realize this is space. Space. Rocks and gas and galaxies and black holes. As the project continues, the survey will eventually record the positions of 1.5 million galaxies. I can't even wrap my head around that.

[via The Atlantic]