Captain Marvel introduces audiences to a host of new characters, from Skrull leader Talos to Kree warrior Yon-Rogg. We even meet Nick Fury long before he was assembling the Avengers. But it's Goose, an orange tabby cat, that steals the show.

Goose is no ordinary cat. In fact, it's revealed that Goose isn't a cat at all; the friendly feline is actually a Flerken, an alien species that just so happens to look exactly like the small, cuddly mammals found on Earth.

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In the movie, Captain Marvel and Nick Fury come across Goose while roaming the halls of Pegasus, where Mar-Vell was attempting to create an experimental light speed engine. Goose then joins them on the rest of their adventure, traveling to New Orleans and then into Earth's orbit.

The comics version of Goose is a little different from the one in Captain Marvel. For one thing, Goose's name is actually Chewie, after Chewbacca from Star Wars. Chewie is also Captain Marvel's companion during her cosmic adventures—but she doesn't actually know Chewie is a Flerken until Rocket Raccoon tells her.

In the comics, Flerken are also capable of laying eggs, and their mouths feature pocket dimensions, where they can store all kinds of things, such as the Tesseract.

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Although Goose looks cuddly and nice, the alien beast shows that Flerken can be extremely dangerous, with the ability to produce tentacles from their mouths. That's why Goose is able to take down so many Kree on his own.

Nick Fury also learned the hard way that even though Goose appeared harmless, he's not afraid to gouge your eye out. Maybe Fury will remember that the next time he gets too close to a cat with tentacles coming out of its mouth.

For what it's worth, Samuel L. Jackson, who plays Nick Fury, told Marvel.com that he's not much of a cat person anyway. "No, I am not a cat person."

Higher, Faster, Further

Captain Marvel

A solid, if predictable, balance of action and giggles.

Captain Marvel reaches out to every corner of the Cinematic Universe in an attempt to tie this new character into the whole series so far. But the movie struggles with classic prequel story mistakes while relying on a standard origin story format we've seen so many times already.

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