Microsoft Xbox One-Front

Many Xbox One games released since its November launch have suffered from a similar malaise: sub-1080p resolution. Some would argue this particular illness affects the viewer more than it does the game, but it remains a clear point of contention between Sony and Microsoft's consoles.

According to Xbox Director of Development Boyd Multerer, this shouldn't be a problem for much longer.

"I fully expect that to happen," Multerer said in an interview with Official Xbox Magazine UK when they asked about more 1080p games down the pipe. "The [graphics processing units] are really complicated beasts this time around."

Multerer said that launch title developers didn't have as much time to optimize games for visual fidelity, and that once the developers working on engines specific to the new generation of systems "really wrap their heads around this particular GPU architecture," all future titles on that engine will see the benefits.

Multerer spoke specifically about the Xbox One's ESRAM, which works alongside the 8GB of DDR3 in the system, and said that it "is where tuning your data set becomes super important."

IGN notes that a conversation with Sniper Elite 3 senior producer Jean-Baptiste Bolcato confirms this: "They are releasing a new SDK that's much faster, and we will be comfortably running at 1080p on Xbox One," he said. "We were worried six months ago and we are not anymore. It's got better and they are quite comparable machines."

I'm excited to see what Bolcato's studio can do with the system, and what other developers have to say on the matter, and this is an important step forward for the company. It'll take a lot longer, though, to overcome the negative image they assembled with their tone deaf unveiling last Spring and the less than impressive game performance in the first round of launch games.