Apple finally broke its silence by unveiling the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C today. It was an exciting event and we're looking forward to seeing the products hit the market on Sept. 20. But it was still a little too quiet. Apple didn't cover its iPod line, the Apple TV or OS X Mavericks. It didn't touch on its iPad portfolio and didn't make much of a peep about iTunes.

That said, it makes a lot more sense now that we're definitely going to hear from Apple again in the very near future, probably sometime around next month. October makes perfect sense because it gives Apple time to build excitement before the holiday season, while also allowing it to hold a separate event from its increasingly popular and important iPhone family.

Apple still has a lot to discuss, that much is clear. We'll likely see the fifth generation iPad, a new iPad mini, possibly with a Retina Display, and hopefully we'll hear more about its Apple TV product. It's probably not likely that we'll see new Apple TV hardware, but we probably will hear a bit more on what Apple's doing on the software front. Additionally, Apple should tell us when it's going to release OS X Mavericks, and what's going on with the iPod line of devices. We imagine there will be new iPod touch products, maybe with the same A7 processor in the iPhone 5S, but will the iPod Classic live on?

Apple promised us a busy fall, so let's see what happens next.