While I often like to say how I miss gaming in the 90s, one thing I certainly don’t mind being rid of is missing out on all the weird, obscure Japanese games that nobody would take a gamble on. We live in a day and age where dozens of quality localization teams will make the impossible happen, and Aksys Games is one of them.

The California based publisher, most famous for its excellent work on the Zero Escape franchise, has picked up a game I’ve been dying to play since I first went hands on with it at Tokyo Game Show last year. Exist Archive: The Other Side of the Sky is an RPG from Star Ocean developer tri-Ace and Japanese publisher Spike-Chunsoft, and it is designed to resemble the company’s undisputed masterpiece, Valkyrie Profile.

Aksys Games has confirmed through the PlayStation Blog that it will be bringing both the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita versions to North America on Oct. 18

Exist Archive isn’t your standard RPG fare. You die right off the bat in a massive explosion. Boom! Gone. The end. Or is it? While you certainly aren’t explosion proof, your journey is certainly not over before it started. Instead, you awake in a surreal realm, unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Are you dead? Are you alive? Are you now an immortal being that wields the power of an evil god?

The short answers are “Yes,” “No,” and “Yes.” The explosion that ended your everyday life was triggered by the soul of an evil god named Yamatoga. You and 11 other people (who are also no longer living) are now immortal vessels for the soul of Yamatoga. As is to be expected when one becomes newly imbued with evil god powers, you and your comrades find yourselves mixed up in an ancient conflict involving a gaggle of gods and massive stakes.

Wow, and an October release date as well? Might as well slap this with a “blockbuster” label and call it a day. You go, Aksys Games! Take advantage of Assassin’s Creed playing hooky.

With this announcement, I’m wondering what my next target for localization is. Following Dragon Quest VII‘s confirmation for North American release, this became my biggest source of stress. And in that time frame, Breath of Fire III and Mega Man Legends 2 managed to find their way onto the PlayStation Network, satisfying two more of my longstanding gripes.

What localization issues do I have to complain about? I can’t think of any, and it’s not fair. Maybe that’s a good thing though… maybe.

Exist Archive: The Other Side of the Sky will be released for the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita on Oct. 18. Thanks a lot for that one, Aksys.