Rumor has it Apple is delaying major iOS changes to focus on improving the stability and performance of its mobile software. But that doesn’t mean we can’t dream of what a revamped iOS 12 would look like.

Following the fantastic macOS 11 concept this week, iOS News And More has made an iOS 12 concept that includes a number of requested changes, including the ability to lock apps, a guest mode, and more.

One of the concept’s more interesting ideas is ripped straight from Samsung’s Galaxy Note series. In addition to having a dock, the concept imagines an app bar, which can be enabled via a gesture. The bar would provide users with a quick shortcut to their favorite apps, such as Instagram and Twitter.

The concept also floats the idea of a tweaked home screen, in which icons no longer feature app names. I could see that being a cool feature if Apple made it optional, especially for users who prefer a cleaner look. App names don’t show up in the dock, so why not take it a step further?

Other features include the ability to change camera settings right in the app, a split view, and an improved FaceTime experience.

With Apple’s reportedly focusing on stability in its next big iOS update, we have no idea what to expect from iOS 12. But we wouldn’t mind Apple stealing a few of these ideas presented in this latest concept.