A trademark from Nintendo popped up overnight, and it suggests that Nintendo might be prepping another Excite Truck game, most likely for the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo applied for the trademark itself, and it’s filed under Class 9 for video games. And beyond that, we don’t have much outside of blind speculation. Just trademarks, rumors, and a likely announcement we’ll hear on Jan. 12, when Nintendo finally spills the details on its new console.


Return of radical Nintendo racing

While it’s not quite on the same level of Mario Kart or, bless its eternally insurmountable soul, F-Zero, Nintendo’s Excite series has always delivered simple and surprisingly fun racing games. Excitebike on the NES is a bit ridiculous, but it’s more about building tracks and crashing your goofy, little derby bike every two seconds on them.

Then there are Excitebike 64, a much more traditional racing game, and the first Excite Truck, which was a Wii game that helped display the power of motion controls.

So, while not overly flashy, all three games have delivered on Nintendo’s needs. We’ll see if the series comes back for a fourth entry on Jan. 12, when Nintendo airs its highly anticipated Nintendo Switch presentation.