Man, does that song ever get old? I didn’t think so. I can’t think of a better pick me up theme than the Dragon Quest theme.

Dragon Quest X is coming out for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan, not only making it the first original main game in the series released on the popular handheld but also making it the first MMORPG ever released for it as well. Correct me if I’m wrong, but has any MMORPG been brought to the Nintendo 3DS before?

The sad part is that I’ve already written the game off for getting any chance of a localization. Square Enix would rather have its massive American Final Fantasy fanbase firing on all fronts playing Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, and sadly, the minuscule Dragon Quest fanbase in America isn’t profitable enough to justify eating into those revenues or even a translation.

Plus, the Nintendo 3DS already has not one, not two, not even three, but four other Dragon Quest games that Square Enix has completely ignored for Western release. The Dragon Quest VII remake is the biggest of the bunch, but the Dragon Quest Monsters 1 & 2 remakes and Rocket Slime 3 also remain exclusively on foreign shores.

How is Square Enix going to localize five games when it took them three years to even acknowledge Final Fantasy Type-o‘s calls? How is it going to choose which fans to please and which fans to further ignore from here on out?

It’s such a shame too because look at that trailer! Dragon Quest X might not be the deepest or best MMORPG in the world, but everything about it is just so stupidly charming that I just have to play it! The characters, the setting, the music, the humor. You won’t find a happier game of its type anywhere. What is it about this game that turns Americans off so much? No enough bloody headshots?

Nope, it’s definitely time I bite the bullet and play this on a Japanese Nintendo 3DS with no English. From what I’ve heard, the game’s use of the language is pretty elementary, a necessity when making it accessible to kids.

If the trailer wasn’t enough, Square Enix also has a new batch of screenshots addressing some of the updates it has granted the game. Your character will be able to fly on the back of a dragon, a couple of hilarious green dudes are looking to start some trouble, and there is even a new gambling mini-game to help you score some dough. Longtime Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii is well known for his love of gambling, and each game in the series has some form of risky mini-game.

This isn’t the 90’s anymore. Thanks to the world of information at our fingertips, Japanese publishers can’t stonewall forever as their libraries pile up with unlocalized games. They can’t lie about the Final Fantasy numbering system anymore, and they can’t keep great games like Bahamut Lagoon, Terranigma, and Live a Live from us forever.

Keep sending your letters and demanding more Dragon Quest in America, and Square Enix is bound to address this unfair issue at some point.

Dragon Quest X will be released on the Nintendo 3DS on Sept. 4. It will be streamed into the device the same way Square Enix streams it onto mobile devices. It is also available for the PC, Wii and Wii U.