Intensify forward fire power! This is a great scene from Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi in which the rebels cripple the Imperial fleet beyond repair. The commanding Super Star Destroyer is brought down not by a named hero or even a supporting cast member like Wedge Antilles or Admiral Ackbar, but some nameless rebel pilot who meets his end in a blaze of glory slamming his A-Wing right into the bridge.

Digging through Star Wars Wikia tells me his name was Arvel Crynyd, unmentioned in the film and probably only known to fans of the Expanded Universe, and even his actor Hilton McRae was skipped in the film’s credits. Not exactly fair for the guy who essentially won the rebels the entire battle by sacrificing his life.

Artist Daniel Warren Johnson has a new spin on this minor character, and you will never again watch this 45 second scene in the same light after reading it. Without a shred of dialogue, his touching Green Leader comic adds a Super Star Destroyer worth of weight to Arvel’s final attack run.

We’ll post the cover and first two pages here, but be sure to go over and check out his website Space Mullet for the rest for absolutely free. Be sure to be chopping onions while reading this for a decent excuse.