Samsung already has S Voice—its own alternative to Apple's Siri—but now the South Korean company has poached the engineer who led development of Siri to help create an Internet-based service designed to link all of your devices. Luc Julia, a new vice president at Samsung's innovation lab not far from Apple's headquarters in Silicon Valley, recently unveiled SAMI (the Samsung Architecture for Multimodal Interactions) at a conference last week.

The new service aims to connect the "Internet of things," by creating a platform that collects data across all of your Samsung devices as well as other wearable technology, home appliances and even your car. In a demonstration, Julia used a wearable heart monitor, a Fitbit tracker and a scale connected to the Internet, and SAMI collected the data from all thee devices and quickly analyzed his exercise routine. The biggest benefit to SAMI, Julia says, is that it makes all data accessible to all devices through a centralized feed, instead of individual apps that can't easily communicate with each other.

Julia spent 10 months leading the Siri team before he left for Samsung, and says he's spent the last six months developing SAMI. The new project probably won't launch for at least three years, and while the company—which is better known for its ubiquitous hardware than as a service provider—continues to develop SAMI, it's also partnering with a number of companies to make sure the platform has a network of supported devices when it finally does go public.