A lot of what remains of Rare’s glory day employees have moved on from the Britain-based developer. Most of them obviously got tired of making cute clothes for avatars and Kinect software, probably wanting to get back to their roots and make some actual games.

One game in particular these guys have been pitching around the Internet is the spiritual successor to Rare’s Nintendo 64 hits Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie. Under the Twitter moniker of Mingy Jongo, a Banjo-Tooie boss fight, these survivors are scrounging up as much support as they can to generate interest in a game they describe as “not Banjo” but something new that can recapture “that same magic.”

The original games’ artist, Steven Hurst, and composer, Grant Kirkhope, have already signed back on with the rest of the veteran staff to make this happen. The team is tossing around the idea of the Unity Engine to run the actual game and are also toying with the idea of a Kickstarter campaign to fund this dream project.

Working with a new IP can be tough for indie developers forced to break-away from their brain-children, but these guys have to start from scratch since Microsoft is happily sitting on their years of sweat and tears. If you’re an old fashioned Rare fan from the Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 days, then won’t you at least lend these guys a hand, and maybe your signature on Twitter? It could help them out a lot.

[via Joystiq]