How old is the chestnut "Why doesn't Rare make good games anymore?" Has that question been around long enough to be considered in puberty now?

For those old fans wondering why Microsoft doesn't have the company reliving the days of their SNES and Nintendo 64 glory, it's because a handful of the creative minds behind the likes of Banjo-Kazooie, Goldeneye, and Killer Instinct all jumped ship long ago. I guess many of them found out all Microsoft wanted was their family friendly image to sell a few more Kinect units.

Five employees from way back in the Donkey Kong Country days followed the 2012 trend of "quitting your game developing job" by doing just that. They left Rare and have decided to combine their talents to make a new independent studio called Flippin Pixels. Studio director Steve Brand claims to Gamesindustry that they have the experience to get it off the ground.

"It's a new challenge, we've all been very much in the traditional console space for years t sounds like a cliché but we all fancied the change. And the opportunities that are there within the space, we thought we could really offer something with all our experience behind us."

Joining him are software designer James Ackroyd, art director Steven Hurst, design director Shaun Reed, and technical director Gary Richards, some of whom have been with Rare for more than two decades.

While they do have an impressive history of developing console games, the goal of Flippin Pixels however is to bring that to the mobile marketplace. Brand claims this is because he has "grown into a different type of gamer."

"I always considered myself a core gamer. But as years pass and you get older, you have family and time becomes more precious so you consume games in different ways."

Flippin Pixels already has one concept in the works for mobile platforms, and several other concepts are also "in paper form and bubbling to the surface." While it's a shame they have no more interest in developing for consoles, it would be neat to see them publishing through the 3Ds eShop and working hand in hand with Nintendo for another "Hurrah!" Who knows? Only time will tell.