Just how smart will artificial intelligence get? A new film, Ex Machina, will attempt to answer that question by blurring the line between man and machine. Written and directed by Alex Garland, who also penned 28 Days Later and Sunshine, Ex Machina will focus on Domhnall Gleeson's character as he serves as the human component in a Turing Test.

That sounds harmless enough. But the test becomes much more complex once Gleeson's character begins to question whether or not he may actually be a robot himself. Or at least that's what the trailer seems to imply. The movie will no doubt explore the deeper relationship between Gleeson and the A.I. character, known as Ava, who looks more manipulative than her exterior suggests.

We've seen a handful of A.I.-focused movies crop up over the last several months, and this once seems like the darkest of the bunch. Garland's previous Hollywood credits haven't exactly been roses and daisies, and I expect Ex Machina to give off a similar mood. The trailer alone seems to reveal a lot, but hopefully the final product isn't as predictable.

Ex Machina is scheduled to hit theaters on April 10, 2015.