The Black Glove

Former BioShock studio Irrational Games has all but vanished in the wind like a large number of other talented studios. With its disbanding, a good handful of talented game designers suddenly found themselves without jobs and an urge to get back into game development. One group of these developers has banded together to form Day For Night Games, and the studio is ready to announce its first game, The Black Glove.

Armed with experience in making BioShock Infinite, these guys obviously have the storytelling chops to make this narrative focused game work. Players will be charged with time traveling to affect the minds and careers of a filmmaker, an artist and a musical act while they perform at a theater called The Equinox. According to the developer, the place "could exist in the past, present or future — assuming it exists at all."

"The goal is to satisfy the whims of the creator, the critic and the crowd. You're trying to improve the use of these creators' works in the present by changing their past." says BioShock: Burial at Sea writer and Day For Night Games Founder Joe Fielder in an interview with Polygon.

"The story will tie directly into the gameplay. Even a wrong turn, even misinterpreting a hint or just experimenting could produce interesting results. You'll have all these different sites to see, wonders to behold. There'll be large changes to the narrative and to the world around you."

More than just BioShock, Fielder points to other smaller first-person adventure games which blend gameplay directly into narrative for the team's biggest source of inspiration, like The Stanley Parable and Gone Home.

"I think that games like Gone Home and The Stanley Parable and other games in the last year have really opened the door for what you can do for narrative-focused games. I think it's a really interesting space to explore."

Other information about The Black Glove has been kept under wraps for now, but more will be announced once Day For Night Games launches a Kickstarter in July. It's great to see the the working minds behind one of our most tragically lost studios still kicking around ideas and making similar sounding games.