Evolve, which released back in February 2015, was a neat idea. It looked to evolve (pun definitely intended) the ideas the team worked on during the development of Left 4 Dead. It had tons of potential, but no legs for a variety of reasons. Whether it’ll continue or not, it looks like the developer, Turtle Rock Studios, is onto something new.

IGN spotted a job opening for an animation programmer for an “unannounced new IP” on the developer’s official site. The opening is looking for someone to develop “unique and stunning characters for an unannounced, cutting edge game targeting next generation hardware.”

While the ad says “next generation hardware,” which would imply VR or some unreleased console, other postings on the site for the unannounced new IP specifically mention PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which suggests that someone forgot to edit some old boilerplate text instead of something more mysterious.

While Evolve didn’t have the legs to carry itself for very long, it’s good to see the studio still chugging along and moving onto something new.