This weekend's EVO 2015 fighting game championship ended with Momichi taking home top honors over fan favorite Gamerbee in headlining Ultra Street Fighter IV, but not without tons of drama.

Gamerbee, real name Bruce Hsiang, had an incredible run throughout the day climbing through the bracket and taking down some of the tournament's best players, ending up against Yusuke Momochi in the final round.

He'd been playing aggressively mostly as Adon, forcing Momochi to switch to Evil Ryu. With such a great run behind him, it was almost assumed he'd be the victor despite the nature of the fast-paced game. That's when Momochi's fight stick failed. The stick, the Razer Atrox disconnected and refused to work. The round was forfeited to Gamerbee, putting them at one win each.

As with any other sport, these kinds of interruptions can throw players off their game and it looks like that happened here – Gamerbee could recover and ultimately lost. Neither player was thrilled with the result. Gamerbee looked disappointed and the interruption deflated the power of Momochi's victory as well.

Of all the possible times for a controller to fail, this was quite possibly the worst, and with more viewers watching than ever before, Razer certainly must be investigating the failure and trying to figure out how to spin it.

This may have been the last appearance of Ultra Street Fighter IV at the tournament, as Street Fighter V is set to release next March, but if it's not we hope to see Gamerbee take the crown at next year's EVO tournament.