Tango Gameworks has a new screenshot and two pieces of artwork from its upcoming survival-horror game, The Evil Within, to share with you just in time for Halloween. Be warned, they are particularly gruesome, and I hold no responsibility for what you can’t unsee.

The screenshot itself is relatively harmless. Our protagonist, Detective Sebastian Castellanos, seems pretty confident in aiming that boomstick at The Evil Within‘s masked evil-incarnate, Boxman. Can you guess where his name comes from?

Of course, such large and hulking characters, especially from other games by creator Shinji Mikami, often take more than one accurate blast with a shotgun to drop. Something tells me Castellanos has never played Resident Evil 4, or else he would know that his odds aren’t particularly good at this point in the fight.

The concept art shows Boxman taking up his other hobby besides scaring children and stealing their lunch money. He’s a butcher, but his source of meat isn’t exactly what one would call P.C…. Again, you were fairly warned.

The Evil Within will be released on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC in 2014.