Through out this week Apple and Proview have been duking it out over who owns the rights to the iPad name in mainland China.  Apple says they purchased the rights to the name in 10 countries, but Proview maintains that the Taiwanese branch of the company that made the sale did not actually hold the rights to China, and that instead the branch in Shenzhen held the title.  A cache of paperwork has not made it out into the wild that details the entire sale, and it makes it fairly clear what territories the sale covered.

Proview trademark schedule

Not to be deterred, the bankrupt Proview is now looking to file another lawsuit against Apple in the United States for up to $2 billion in damages. The chairman of Hejun Vanguard Group Li Su, the company charged with restructuring the bankrupt Proview, said, “Right now we are selecting from three American law firms to sue Apple in the United States for $2 billion in compensation.”

This story doesn’t look to be going away any time soon.