We've been hearing the rumors for a few months now that RIM will be offering support for Android applications on its upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook. This weekend the rumors got a little more interesting, when Android application ShopSavvy reported that its Android app appeared to have been used on a variety of BlackBerry devices, all located conveniently in the same Canadian town as RIM's headquarters.

Adding to the mounting evidence, Boy Genius posted a video today from Mobile World Congress where a RIM representative says "we will also support Android apps when we release the Dalvik engine on top of QNX," while demoing the Playbook.

While a slip up from a representative on the show floor is far from an actual announcement, it does to some extent confirm that RIM is looking at supporting Android, and probably has plans to implement it.

Would you be more inclined to buy a PlayBook or BlackBerry if they supported Android applications?