With streaming, it's easier than ever to watch any movie you could want at any moment. However, there's nothing like having a physical copy of your favorite movie, especially with all the features you get and the artistry that sometimes goes into them. Sometimes they can become sought-after collectibles, which is where Steelbook comes in. Steelbook makes gorgeous metal cases for a lot of movies, TV shows, and even games, and that includes the Star Wars franchise.

My young apprentice: Star Wars: The Phantom Menace Steelbook

You don't get any special features besides commentary with this Phantom Menace Blu-ray, but what you do get is a great box with Darth Maul, one of the coolest-looking characters from the franchise, on the cover. You also get an image of the original poster on the back.

$18 at Best Buy

If you want some romance: Star Wars: Attack of the Clones Steelbook

Attack of the Clones is arguably the most "romantic" of the prequels, with a main plotline that focuses on the growing relationship between Anakin and Padme. That does make it odd to see Yoda staring at you from the cover, but the Jedi Master is important here, too. This Steelbook also only comes with audio commentary.

$18 at Amazon

The chosen one: Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith Steelbook

Pick up the Steelbook for Revenge of the Sith to watch arguably the best of the Star Wars prequels, along with the audio commentary. General Grevious graces this cover, looking as menacing and as scratched up as ever. While we prefer him from Clone Wars, he's a part of some great set pieces in Revenge of the Sith.

$18 at Amazon

The beginning: Star Wars: A New Hope Steelbook

You can't go wrong with the movie that started it all. With Star Wars: A New Hope's Steelbook, you get this black, edge-to-edge Darth Vader portrait that makes it feel like he's looking down on you, ready to strangle you with his Force powers.

$18 at Amazon

I am your father: Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Steelbook

So much happens in Empire: Luke loses his hand, we meet Lando, Yoda trains Luke, and we find out that Vader is Luke's father, Anakin (gasp). This is probably the weakest of all the Steelbook covers, since it just pictures a Stormtrooper, but you're going to want this one for the movie itself, anyway.

$20 at Best Buy

Of no concern: Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Steelbook

Emperor Palpatine is ready to haunt your nightmares with this Return of the Jedi Steelbook. He's looking off into the distance, fully realized as a Sith lord and ready to be the real villain of the series. Like with all other Steelbooks, you only get one disc with audio commentary, but it might be worth it for this amazing cover.

$18 at Best Buy

Was the Force asleep?: Star Wars: The Force Awakens SteelBook with Bonus Content

Jump into the final trilogy of the Skywalker saga with this Force Awakens Steelbook, which pictures Kylo Ren on the front and Phasma on the back. Unlike others on this list, you get three options: a Blu-ray, a DVD, and a digital copy, which explains the higher price.

$37 at Amazon

Let the past die: Star Wars: The Last Jedi Steelbook

The cover art for this Last Jedi Steelbook is a bit different than the others; it's a recreation of the movie poster rather than a close-up portrait of an important character. Regardless, you'll get a copy of the movie on Blu-Ray, along with Ultra-HD and digital versions.

$30 at Best Buy

The heist that started it all: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Steelbook

Rogue One tells the story of how the Resistance got a hold of the Death Star plans before A New Hope and it's worth checking out if you're a Star Wars completionist. The cover of this Steelbook depicts the Death Troopers in front of an in-progress Death Star and it's quite soft and pretty. You also get some bonus content, along with a 3D version of the Blu-ray.

$45 at Amazon

The Kessel run, reimagined: Solo: A Star Wars Story Steelbook

This heist film about the early days of Han Solo is a fun romp through the Star Wars universe, and worth picking up for any fan of the scoundrel. The cover of the Steelbook is minimal, only showing off the Millennium Falcon, but that's all you need. Open it up and you get a glimpse inside the cockpit.

$35 at Amazon

What's so special about Steelbook?

Courtesy StarWars.com

Steelbook boxes are collectible physical copies of movies and more, but being a collectible means limited quantities exist out in the wild. Steelbook often pairs up with artists and companies like Mondo to create beautiful covers, but will release them in limited-edition runs. It's not difficult to find old copies of Steelbooks used on eBay or Amazon, but finding them new might be a challenge, especially if you want some unique box art.

Some Steelbooks are also only exclusive to certain retailers. Best Buy, Zavvi, and FYE are just some of the places that have sold exclusive Steelbook designs. According to Zavvi, its exclusive Steelbooks are printed based on consumer demand. However, that could mean as little as 4,000 copies of a Steelbook item were produced. All of this combined creates a product that appeals to a certain collector, but that might be expensive or harder to find.

Regardless of where you get it, there are certain features you'll always get with a Steelbook: edge-to-edge artwork and a tough, metal case. The metal casing can also add a little something to the cover art by allowing for embossing, which makes it feel a bit more three-dimensional than a normal Blu-ray box, along with a varnish that protects the color and makes it all stand out.

Basically if you want a collectible copy of your favorite movie, or want to build out a unique and impressive Blu-ray collection, you might want to consider Steelbook.

Which Star Wars Steelbook should you get?

If we had the money, we would buy all of them. Star Wars is one long story, after all, so having Empire Strikes Back without, say, Return of the Jedi feels odd. However, just based on the box art we would check out Revenge of the Sith, First of all, where else can you see General Grievous, one of our favorite underrated and underutilized characters, highlighted like that? Revenge of the Sith is also the best of the prequel films, in our opinion.

Another one we want to highlight is the Return of the Jedi Steelbook. Emperor Palpatine is terrifying here, with the close angle showcasing all his flaws and the lighting drenching him in a cold blue. Plus, we're in a Palpatine sort-of mood thanks to Rise of Skywalker.

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