Star Wars Farewell Sale

It was bound to happen eventually, but the time has come. Star Wars' time under comic book publisher Dark Horse will be coming to an end in just four days time. The publisher has been in control of the license ever since 1991, but its contract will expire on Jan. 1 when Disney starts their own line of comics through Marvel.

To go out with a monstrous bang, Dark Horse is holding a huge Farewell Sale from now until Dec. 31st. Every Star Wars comic ever published under its banner is available for 50 percent off the normal price from now until the New Year, and if you like, this Megabundle which piles them all together can be snagged up for $300.

It's worth mentioning that LucasFilm has declared that the entire expanded universe as "non-canon" and nothing more than legends that exist within the Star Wars lore. Disney wished to focus on a much simpler and more concrete storyline to build its own expansions from, so many of the plot line you'll find in these comics on sale didn't actually happen.

I've never been very big on Star Wars comics or the expanded universe for that matter, but this is still a bit of a shame to see all these stories just vanish under the magic wand of capitalism. My experience with Star Wars comics doesn't extend too far past Shadows of the Empire back when I was reading it while playing along the classic Nintendo 64 game.

It's a bit late to get started, but what's a decent place to do so if the price is right?