You've played arcade compilations before, but none quite like these. The Namco Museum Vol. 1 through 5 on the original PlayStation are home to some of the greatest and most important video games during the height of Japan's arcade scene in the 80s, and they've all been released on the PlayStation Store as PSOne Classics for the price of $5.99 each.

What sets these compilations apart from others is the obvious dedication to authenticity and genuine care put into making them the definitive releases for these games. For one, each volume is home to arcade-perfect ports of the original versions, and every game also comes with a wealth of information about its origins and other stuff valuable to nerds like me who love video game history.

Best of all, the games are not chosen through a simple menu. You navigate between all of these options through a first-person view point of Pac-Man as he wanders around the hallways of these museums. It's a fun little touch that gives it a sense of charm and caring on the programmer's part, and it has never been replicated for any other compilations to date.

Of course, all five volumes have some iteration of Pac-Man on it seeing as though that is Namco's most important video game of all time. Volumes 1 and 3 are home to Namco's other biggest games including Galaga, Dig Dug, and Tower of Druaga. Volumes 2 and especially 4 and 5 have more of the obscure titles not as many people know about. Dragon Buster, Mappy, and Legend of Valkyrie for example.

It's probably why the physical Volumes 1 and 3 are Greatest Hits and Volumes 2, 4, and 5 cost a pretty penny on Amazon.

Not that it matters, because all five are available for $5.99 on the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita, and you should definitely check them out if retro gaming is your thing.