Samsung on Wednesday announced a new update for Samsung+, its support and post-purchase experience app that first launched last May. If you own a Galaxy device, you should definitely download this app. The latest version, 3.0, adds a few new features, most exciting of which is a new option that allows customer support agents to take over your device and assist you in-real time with remote support.

Maybe you're setting up your Galaxy S7 with a Gear S2, for example (plenty of older smartphones and tablets are supported as well) and your Bluetooth is acting up. You can't figure it out, so you open the Samsung+ application, tap into Samsung Assist and, within minutes, a support agent is controlling your device and making sure all of your settings are good to go. If it's a bigger problem that needs a device replacement, the Samsung support agent can work hand-in-hand with your carrier to get you a replacement, too.

Other features in Samsung+ 3.0 include live video chat support, an Active Hub that allows you to quickly access all of the support options from your home screen, a Galaxy Life loyalty tab that provides unique access to concerts and performances, an Explore tab that will show you tips and tricks you can do with your device and more.

Samsung+ 3.0 is in the Google Play Store now. If you have a Galaxy device, you should absolutely check it out. It's free, after all.