Dragon Quest XI is just around the corner, and it is promising to add yet another beautiful chapter in this series' long-running legacy. 30 years is quite a long time to exist, and many of the series' biggest fans weren't even alive when Dragon Quest first started taking off in Japan.

Older games might be tough to go back to for younger audiences or newcomers who are just getting started. Never fear! Longtime fans are here to help. One video out there compiles every single game in the series, from the main entries to the spin-offs and remakes, into a single and very digestible 20-minute marathon.

Best of all, the games are given the chance to do the talking, so no Japanese is required to understand what is happening. Sit back and let the music and charm of this series sweep you away.

Just one of many

Fans of the Dragon Quest series outside of Japan are thrilled that it is finally getting more attention with new audiences. This raises the chances of localizations from Square Enix, and it ensures that the series can live on beyond its already impressive lifespan.

Square Enix has been very good with localizations over the past decade or so, much better than it was in the mid-90s. However, some properties that it owns still remain on the fringes of gaming and don't quite demand the same attention that juicier titles like Final Fantasy do. SaGa is one, Seiken Densetsu is another. Both have had games released in the past few years that were passed over for the English-speaking world.

If we were able to get Dragon Quest in the West, we can push for these too. Let Square Enix know that classic JRPGs have an audience in North America, and we want all of them that we can get.