evernote-5.0-iosEvernote for iOS has undergone a major design overhaul that the company says makes the app more functional and accessible. Version 5.0 looks pretty fantastic, doing away with the tired button-filled interface that previously persisted. Now users get a unique card/tab scheme, with Places, Tags, Notebooks and all Notes all easily available right from the home screen.

It’s still the same note-syncing service people love, but with a new coat of paint. The company fully explains its approach in the video below. “Here at Evernote, we believe the best mobile experience are fast, easy to use, and uncluttered, and that the most important features should never be more than two taps away,” the Product Manager of iOS at Evernote said.

Tapping on a header jumps into full-screen, and tapping on it again falls back to the tabbed view. There’s also three quick access button at the top that allows users to quickly add notes, while on iPad there’s a scrollable section of recent notes. Evernote says the app overall is faster and more responsive, with a major focus on reliability. The update is available now for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

[via Evernote]