Stay a while and listen… (Sorry, I had to say it)

In the world of gaming and random NPCs, Deckard Cain is probably the most iconic. Any gamer that's spent even a blip of time with Diablo knows exactly who Cain is and where to find him. This Horadric mage, the last human in the line, is probably most recognizable in his role throughout Diablo II. After players rescue Cain during the first act in the game, the elder decides to become a central piece of the rest of the journey.

Cain identifies items and spreads gossip. He's best known for his outstanding line of greetings like "stay a while and listen," "good to see you" and "yes?"

Apparently, and this is something I personally didn't know, Blizzard named Deckard Cain in a fan's honor. The company held a contest roughly fifteen years ago to let fans pick the name of one character in the game. One Redditor (blooberrys), has stepped up and outed himself as Cain's namesake.

He's now 16-years-old. His father, a "big fan of Blizzard," entered a name-in-the-game contest back in the mid 90s. He wrote his son's name down on a postcard; Deckard Cain Elder (seriously). Blizzard drew the card from a pile and used the name to label an NPC in Diablo. This Redditor's dad received a custom statue and a letter from Blizzard. Here's that letter.

The 16-year-old, real life Deckard now has the same name as one of the gaming industry's most iconic characters. As weird as that must be for him, from where we stand, there are a lot worse characters to be connected with. And, to be fair, Blizzard actually wrote this kid an exceptional pull list of pick up lines.

For those that don't already know, Deckard Cain will be in Diablo III.

[via Reddit]