Grezzo’s upcoming Nintendo 3DS action RPG isn’t exactly on a lot of radars thanks to the booming success of the Nintendo Switch. However, those who have an interest in the game will have a free chance to pick it up and play early when a free demo launches on the Nintendo 3DS eShop this coming month. Those who have not yet decided to buy, or have even heard of the game for that matter, now have a risk-free chance to give it a spin.

Early previews have been positive, so there’s nothing to waste and everything to gain from at least a thirty-minute try.

Promotional ads for the demo have begun crawling throughout the internet, very clearly suggesting that the demo will be available before the game launches on  June 23.

Ever Oasis is in development under a JRPG legend

An original Nintendo franchise is always something that’s worth checking out, but what is especially intriguing about this game is that it is under the direction of Koichi Ishii, the man behind Secret of Mana and the rest of Square’s old Super Nintendo series. Ever Oasis promises to build on his knack for world building and interesting RPG mechanics with it own oasis creation system.

Ever Oasis will launch for the Nintendo 3DS on June 23.