In this episode of RAD or BAD, we tackle event[0]. I won’t be spoiling anything here for you, so feel free to watch without fear. I only touch the opening bits of the game, and the scenarios are truncated.

If you play event[0], it won’t take you long. That’s my complaint about this game. I don’t say it in the sense that I’m upset that it’s another short narrative title that some would decry as a walking simulator. It’s not.

I’m bummed event[0] is short simply because I want more of it. My thirst hasn’t been quenched after three or four hours of play. It’s done, but I want more.

event[0] is a game about being stranded in space in Jupiter’s orbit on a spaceship that isn’t yours with an AI you don’t understand. The AI’s name is Kaizen, and you’ll have to speak with him on one of the many terminals on the ship. Yes, you’ll type real words. Yes, you can type whatever you want.

If you’re a jerk, the AI will make you pay. You’ll need to be kind if you want to survive, but even that path leads you towards a scenario that’s, well, a little crazy.

event[0] is out now on Steam. It’s $19.99. That’s a bit pricey for a few hours of entertainment, but I enjoyed it. It’s RAD, for sure.