Straight from YouTuber CryZENx, the same modder who unofficially brought Sonic the Hedgehog into Unreal Engine 4, here are the original starter Pokemon adorably rendered in the A Boy and his Kite tech demo.

Charmander gets the most love here as the controllable one. His fire attacks are most likely the easiest to render, and he makes excellent use of them against the tech demo's roaming deer. Too bad a reaction from them is not programmed in. Perhaps we can just blame their ambivalence on the weakness of his cute flames.

As for Squirtle and Bulbasaur, they just kind of hang out. Bulbasaur doesn't do a whole lot in the demo besides stand there and being about as hardcore as they come. Love that Bulbasaur! Squirtle does a cute idol animation dance, so at least that is something!

Words can't express how much I'd like to see a real Pokemon game end up looking like this. Unlike the action oriented Sonic game, this is perfect for an open-ended RPG series like Pokemon. Let's see it happen, Nintendo!