AT&T Nokia Lumia 1520-Home Screen

Some pretty revealing details about the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 update have come out ahead of its official release. And, thanks to LiveSino, even more details have emerged from Microsoft's recently leaked Windows Phone 8.1 Software Development Kit (SDK), including the option to change your phone's background. That feature is currently available on tablets and desktop PCs running Microsoft's latest software, but curiously absent from the mobile environment.

In the recent leak, a video showed off the Windows 8.1 update in action, revealing new gestures, the ability to close multiple apps at once, and a "Project My Screen" option, which allows users to display content on a TV. There are many more features, too, including the ability to customize the navigation bar and a more enhance version for the Web version of YouTube. Other potential feature for the update include a new notification center and a voice assistant engine using.

Other features discovered by LiveSino include the ability to use a three-column Start Screen; the feature is currently present in devices with larger screens, but it'll reportedly be an option on handsets with smaller displays, such as the Lumia 920 and 1020. As it stands, LiveSino found that the two-column style is still the default on smaller screen devices, though there is a "show more Tiles" option available to enable the three-column style.

Some big features are being worked on for the platform, but Microsoft's mobile software is still struggling to find its place among Android and iOS. While these features are available in the Windows Phone 8.1 SDK, it doesn't mean we'll see them present in the consumer release—things can always change. Microsoft's big Windows Phone 8.1 update is expected to be available to developers in early April.