Pokemon Live action

Pokémon has been huge for nearly 20 years now, but outside of the anime television and movie series, it has never really gotten a lot of love from Hollywood. Of course, when Nintendo gets a huge $9 billion boost from the success of Pokémon GO, even the most cynical of Hollywood producers is bound to take notice.

According to sources at Deadline, the leading contender to buy up the live-action movie rights for Pokémon is Legendary Entertainment, which is of course wallowing in the success of Warcraft: The Beginning… in China. Apparently, the studio has been after the movie rights for some time, and now is the best time to strike before they obviously become a lot more expensive.

All of this is just a lot of hot air at the moment, and the only named dropped in an ultra-hypothetical situation was Chronicle screenwriter Max Landis penning the film. But still, it's a rumor I'd like to get behind.

What would you like to see in a live-action Pokémon movie? The original 151 Pokémon are a must because you don't want to start too big, obviously. Are we calling for an excellent, fun Pokémon adventure with a bright eyed youth, or is a gritty reboot a possibility here? Is Pikachu's mother's real name "Marthachu?"