Nokia's Lumia 920 is a behemoth monster. Not in the way that it's particularly big, but the device is extremely dense, solid. So strong, in fact, that it could take a fastball right to the face without flinching. The competition? Not so much.

A new video by Nokia pits the 920 against Samsung's Galaxy S III, putting each directly into the line of fire. The S III goes up to bat first, and unfortunately suffers a career-ending injury (as you can see in the video). Not only does its screen crack, but the back panel careens off, leaving its innards exposed. Really, what happens is to be expected.

The Lumia 920, on the other hand, takes the pitch like a champ. I'd be more worried about the ball. Have you ever seen the beginning parts of Billy Madison? This video is like that. The Lumia 920, which sports a unibody polycarbonate design, withstands the pitch while continuing to record video, like nothing happened at all. 

Is that kind of abuse enough to convince users to switch? Maybe this coupled with that free wireless charger will push some users to jump over to Nokia.