Last week, EVE Online had its biggest battle yet, resulting in $330,000 real-world dollars of damage. The whole convoluted story can be a bit confusing, so it's a good thing that Taiwan's Next Media Animation has our backs. They're the studio always weighing in with hilarious, weird, yet strangely on-point animations, and they're here this time to explain.

The short version is that someone missed a rent payment and their mafioso landlords didn't take too kindly to not getting their money. I imagine they said something like, "That sure is a nice fleet you have there; sure would be a shame if something… happened to it."

These kinds of stories are what make EVE Online so special – organizations are infiltrated, alliances are formed and broken, and apparently rent can be missed. It's good, though, to have someone like Next Media Animation reminding us that this is, indeed, still a game, even if it's closer to actual serious business than any other game has been.

Make sure to watch at least until the credit card error. Maybe we can get these guys to put in their two cents on some other truly important stories of our time, like the Batman vs. Superman casting news from last week.